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Yukon Community Pilot

One of the best and easiest Canadian Immigration program .

The Yukon Community Pilot (YCP) is a new stream of the Yukon Nominee Program. The YCP launched in 2020 and will run for 3 years.

About the work permit

This work permit:

  • lets you work for up to 3 different employers in 1 of the participating Yukon communities

  • is valid for 2 years

  • doesn’t need a Labour Market Impact Assessment

The participating communities are:

  • Whitehorse

  • Watson Lake

  • Dawson City

  • Haines Junction

  • Carmacks

  • Carcross

Work permit eligibility

To qualify for the work permit, you must:

  • have 2 or 3 eligible job offers

  • have a signed letter of support from the Government of Yukon

  • meet the general requirements for a work permit

Job offer requirements

The jobs you’re offered must meet all these requirements:

  • They must all be in the same participating Yukon community

  • They must add up to at least 30 hours of work a week (equal to a full-time job)

  • They must be non-seasonal

    • In general, this means you have consistent and regularly scheduled paid employment throughout the year

  • The wage must meet or exceed the minimum wage

  • Your experience must show that you can perform the duties of the jobs offered

Documents you need before you apply

Before you apply for a work permit, you need these documents to include in your application:

  • a copy of the nomination letter from the Government of Yukon confirming that you’ve been nominated for permanent residence

  • a signed letter of support from the Government of Yukon stating:

    • that the employers who are offering you the jobs need you to work in the community as soon as possible

    • that the job offers are genuine

    • the details of the job offers, including:

      • names of the employers

      • occupation

      • number of hours

      • job locations

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