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IRCC updates processing times tool to provide more accurate information

What are IRCC’s processing times right now?

As of March 31, processing times are the following:

Economic class immigration

Family class immigration

Refugees and humanitarian & compassionate (H&C) applicants

  • Government-assisted refugees: Varies by country

  • Privately-sponsored refugees: Varies by country

  • Protected persons and convention refugees in Canada: 22 months

  • H&C cases: 16 months

Temporary residence application

  • Visitor visa outside Canada: Varies by country

  • Visitor visa inside Canada: 16 days online and 48 days by paper

  • Visitor extension: 162 days online and 201 days by paper

  • Parents or grandparents Super Visa: Varies by country

  • Study permit outside Canada: 13 weeks

  • Study permit inside Canada: 9 weeks

  • Study permit extension: 75 days online and 156 days by paper

  • Work permit outside Canada: Varies by country

  • Work permit inside Canada (initial application or extension): 133 days online and 239 days by paper

  • International Experience Canada: Varies by country

  • Electronic Travel Authorization: 5 minutes


Permanent resident (PR) cards

  • Renewing or replacing a PR card: 108 days

  • Waiting for first card: 103 days

Replacing or amending documents, verifying status

  • Verification of status: 26 weeks

  • Replacement of valid temporary resident documents: 22 weeks

  • Amendments of immigration documents: 47 weeks

  • Amendments of valid temporary resident documents: 27 weeks

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